The Starmount Neighborhood Association is a voluntary committee and operates on donations and annual dues. Annual dues are voluntary and very much appreciated by the board and Starmount residents. Dues are used solely to improve our neighborhood. Suggested annual dues are $20 per household for both owners and renters. There are three ways to pay your dues:

  1. Cash or check at our monthly board meeting at Starmount ARP church
  2. Credit/debit card via PayPal
  3. Mailing a check payable to Starmount Neighborhood Association to Starmount Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 242364, Charlotte, NC 28224-2364.

For more information on dues, please contact us at or send us a message.

Please complete the form below to update your contact information. Our goal is to associate a name and email address for every home in Starmount. Email allows us to focus our funds more on projects rather than postage for communications. Your email address and contact information would be solely for our use and not shared with other parties.